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Condemn the unjust detention and deportation of Dutch-Filipino activist Marikit Saturay! Marcos should instead be declared persona non-grata in Europe!

Statement of BAYAN Europe on the arbitrary detention of Dutch-Filipino activist Marikit Saturay
10 March 2024

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Europe (BAYAN Europe) condemns the arbitrary and unjust detention of Dutch-Filipino activist Marikit Saturay by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) in the evening of 7 March. Marikit arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on 7 March to visit family and friends. She was denied entry to Manila upon landing and was questioned by an immigration officer about her supposed involvement in “anti-government activities” leading to her inclusion in the BI’s blacklist order. She was detained for three nights without proper sleeping arrangements by Philippine immigration officers in NAIA before being deported back to the Netherlands. During her detention, Marikit was even denied access to legal services. 

Marikit is a long-time member of Migrante-Netherlands and has been active in organizing the Filipino migrant youth in Europe. She is an accomplished singer and songwriter and is well known in the local hip-hop scene in the Netherlands for her songs “Tell Me What Did I Do Wrong” and “Geboren Om Te Strijden” (Born to Struggle). 

Last December, Anakbayan Switzerland Chairperson Edna Becher was also detained and deported upon arriving in Manila. The BI similarly questioned Becher of her involvement in so-called “anti-government activities.” This pattern of political repression is akin to the Marcos regime’s fascist campaign to criminalize dissent and deserves the condemnation of the international community. Further, this targeted campaign against Filipino migrant activists exposes the Marcos regime’s hypocrisy in milking profit from OFW remittances while at the same time barring migrants from returning to their homeland.

On the other hand, the unjust detention and deportation of Marikit comes a few days before Marcos Jr arrives in Europe to sign maritime security agreements with Germany and the Czech Republic. This would already be Marcos’ 6th international trip just in 2024, revealing his utter disregard for using taxpayer’s money to finance his junket trips abroad. Instead of deporting and prohibiting the entry of activists and government critics to Manila, Marcos himself should be declared persona non-grata in Europe! 

Marcos can expect a slew of protests as he lands in Berlin on March 11. BAYAN Europe together with its member organizations and allies will welcome Marcos with protests of condemnation for his regime’s fascist campaign of repression and human rights abuses.  


#HandsOffMarikit, #StopRedTagging, #ActivistsNotTerrorists, #NoToCrackdown
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