Filipinos and Solidarity Network in Europe welcome Otto de Vries, a...

Dutch pastoral worker in the Philippines and labor rights defender Otto de Vries has arrived safely in the Netherlands on Tuesday noon. It was...

Housing Action Day 2021

Shelter is a basic right. Migrante Netherlands stands in solidarity with housing movements in over 60 cities across Europe during the South Holland DSC Rentvolution demonstration on 27 March Housing Action Day 2021 held in Den Haag.
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Lockdown in the Philippines and Holy Week Crackdown

Migrante International condemns the vicious crackdowns on leaders of workers’ unions, farmers’ organizations, women groups and other legal democratic organizations while enforcing enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Many thanks for your support, Call for solidarity to fight the...

The call for solidarity has already raised € 2,850. Touchingly beautiful! Many thanks to the generous donors. If other people wonder if it is...
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On the 13th of October, a large-scale European police operation starts that targets undocumented migrants.


Unite and Resist Against the Criminalization of Solidarity in Europe

Migrante-Europe is united in resisting and condemning the systematic criminalization of extending help in solidarity to the fleeing migrants and refugees in Europe. We are highly distraught that at least 158 individuals and their organizations across Europe are being criminalized for offering help, including food and shelter, to migrants and refugees.