Migrante-Europe is united in resisting and condemning the systematic criminalization of extending help in solidarity to the fleeing migrants and refugees in Europe. We are highly distraught that at least 158 individuals and their organizations across Europe are being criminalized for offering help, including food and shelter, to migrants and refugees.
Migrante-Europe condemns in the strongest terms US aggression against Iran and Iraq. The assassination of a top Iranian general and Iraqi militia commander Qasem Soleimani, while in Baghdad International Airport, go against international law. The airstrike is a criminal act, sanctioned by the criminal-in-chief US President Donald Trump.
The recommendation of both panels of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to their respective principals and the subsequent declaration of a ceasefire of the NDFP and...
The cases of abuse and exploitation of Filipino migrants all over the world continues to increase, so we must be more resilient and more united in action.Joanna Concepcion, Chairperson of Migrante-InternationalJoanna Concepcion, Chairperson of Migrante-International
As we commemorate the International Human Rights Day, we view with deep concern the rapid deterioration of the human rights situation in the Philippines. We are witnessing how far the country has regressed in terms of upholding,...
Exhibit October 10, 2019- Courtyard, Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite, Rome
The Migrante in Austria adds its voice to expresses disgust to the conduct of the 2019 election. Reports have reached us of dubious technical glitches, a portent of the Duterte administration’s evil maneuvering.
Migrante Europe joins the global protest to condemn the barbaric killings of 14 farmers during the pre-dawn raids of Philippine National Police in Canlaon City and Manjuyod and Sta. Catalina towns in Negros province last Saturday 30 March 2019.
The postal voting to be implemented by the COMELEC for overseas Filipino workers in Europe during the Mid-Term Election is strongly protested by Migrante Europe.
1st May, the International Workers Day, is not just a day to remember the past century's achievements of the worker's movement. More than 130 years after the worker's revolt in Chicago, the realization of labour rights and social justice...