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Sept. 21 Global Day of Action Against Fascism in the Philippines


Migrante Netherlands joins its allied Migrante chapters, peoples’ organizations and other peace and democracy-loving compatriots in staging today’s Global Day of Action Against Facism in the Philippines.

This action is to remind the public about the historical truth about the Marcos dictatorship.

We oppose the comeback of the Marcoses into politics. We will expose the lies and deceit about the roles and the benefits that they reaped during the dictatorship.We also reject current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has fashioned himself in the same mould as the fascist Marcos, seeking to perpetuate himself in power to avoid future persecution for plunder and crimes against humanity; using the Philippine Army and Police to to silence critics and opposition, including legitimate activists, media and progressive individuals; and appointing many retired military and police officials to key cabinet positions. The Philippines is now under a de facto military rule, with Duterte sitting at the helm.  

With elections coming up next year, the family and cronies of the dictator Marcos are seeking to return to political power. The Marcoses are using all their resources to cleanse their public image by using public relation gimmicks to spread their false narrative. They have also found a friend/ally/patron in Duterte. He has allowed the burial of the dictator Marcos remains in the Heroes’ Cemetery, granted political favors Marcos cronies, and openly refers to the late dictator as a ‘great leader’ to ensure some of the Marcos’ wealth will find its way into his vice presidential campaign fund.

Duterte has announced that he will run for Vice President, even saying that it will grant him immunity from any suit, including the ICC case. He has now retracted his anti-Visiting Forces Agreement posture against the United States to ensure the continuing support of his American imperial master in the following election.  We remind the public not to believe his promises. Duterte failed to deliver his campaign promises when he first ran for public office in 2016. 

His promises include include personally riding a jetski to the West Philippine Sea to confront China, eradicating drugs and criminality. ending corruption in government, higher wages, and affordable food for all Filipinos. In fact, the problems that he promised to solve has become much worse.

He has practically conceded to China on the West Philippine Sea issue thereby surrendering our country’s sovereignty. As a reward, China has granted the Duterte administration onerous high-interest loans and a donation of China-made Sinovac vaccine. He has also allowed the entry of Chinese investments in Philippine Offshore Gambling Operations (POGO) and the entry of an estimated 150,000 Chinese POGO workers into the country.

Recent news reports indicate that this influx has also created exclusive Chinese rest-and-recreation business such as restaurants, massage parlors, illegal brothels, and even a gun shooting range.Criminal drug syndicates boast of their connections in government by posting selfies on social media with their ‘padrinos’ in govenment. Drug lords such as Wu Tuan, Jameson Ching, Peter Lim, and Herbert Colangco, who are protected by high-ranking police officials. No high value drug dealers have been arrested and imprisoned. His so-called War on Drugs has already caused the death of more than 30,000. Most of the victims are small time users and petty runners of pushers have become tokhang victims. 

Corruption has flourished in most govenment offices at all levels. And finally, many poor Filipinos have become poorer especially when the pandemic hit because of the loss of livelihood resulting from the lockdown and ineffective measures to deal with the pandemic.

We call on all kababayans, all peace and freedom loving Filipinos to stay vigilant and reject the  Duterte, the Marcoses, and their cohorts and cronies this coming electoral exercise. We have to unite to ensure that these criminals masquerading as politicians do not get away with all the crimes that they have commited against the people, and crimes that they are responsible for. 

Truth must prevail and justice must be served!


Filipinos and Solidarity Network in Europe welcome Otto de Vries, a genuine friend of the Filipino people


Dutch pastoral worker in the Philippines and labor rights defender Otto de Vries has arrived safely in the Netherlands on Tuesday noon.

It was a strange combination of tears and excitement as the de Vries family, friends of the Filipino migrants community and Filipinos in the Netherlands and Europe warmly welcomed de Vries as a genuine friend of the Filipino people.

De Vries had found a home in the Philippines where he committed 30 years of his life in serving the poor and the marginalized sectors. He would have chosen to commit more years if not for the controversial red-tagging of the Duterte administration to him as a researcher of the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER).

The Filipino community in Europe and the international solidarity network stood for de Vries and EILER and lobbied to grant him permanent residency in the Philippines. Actions and online rallies were also organized to expose and oppose the Duterte administration’s political vilification of church workers, labor rights defenders and people’s organizations among others.

According to Theo Droog, spokesperson of the Nederlands-Filippijnse Solidariteitsbeweging (Dutch-Filipino Solidarity Movement), the case of Otto de Vries confirms what human rights organizations say about the Philippines: that the Duterte government falsely accuses those who serve the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized as communists and calls them terrorists.

De Vries had unselfishly lived the life of service to the church of the poor. His life with the workers was the source of his motivation. For years, he became a worker himself and experienced the harshness of a worker’s life in the Philippines. When he was no longer able to do physical labor, he started working for EILER.

Honorary membership to Migrante Netherlands

Migrants rights and democracy organization Migrante Netherlands granted de Vries on the same day an honorary membership.

In a letter, Migrante Netherlands spokesperson Jun Saturay stated: “To our dear compatriot Otto, in behalf of Migrante Netherlands and all its chapters, we declare our solidarity with you in your steadfast commitment for the rights and welfare of Filipino workers through the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research. This is impressive and inspiring for other rights defenders of the Filipino people. Compatriot Otto, in recognition of your full service to the Filipino labor movement, we hereby confer upon you an honorary membership to Migrante Netherlands. The Philippine Government may have considered you as an “undesirable alien” but for us, you possess all the qualifications of a Filipino compatriot who truly loves and serves the people. By awarding you an honorary membership to Migrante Netherlands, we want to let you know and make you feel that from the bottom of the heart of the Filipino community here in the Netherlands and Europe, we view your service to the Philippine labor movement with high esteem. To you, our high respect and salute.”

The struggle continues

Below are excerpts of quotes from the welcome texts of other organizations and individuals in the Netherlands and Europe including those working in the fields of development work, human rights, peace & justice, solidarity with the Philippines, church work, and interest groups working with migrants, women and young people.

 “Anyone can imagine how painful it must be to fall victim to red-tagging and to be forced to leave the country which has been his home for so long, where he had so many friends and where he did very valuable work for the most vulnerable for the past 30 years of his life. ”

 “Otto is a person with a pure heart and a great compassion for the poor and workers in the cities. Labeling Otto and the institution he works for as terrorists is a desperate act of a government that is slowly becoming isolated from its people.”

 “You have fought a great fight! You have been effective otherwise the dictator would not have thrown you out. ”

 “Everyone sincerely hopes that the day will soon come when it will be possible for you to return to the Philippines to be reunited so you can be reunited with all your friends and you can continue your work in solidarity with the poor communities that you served for so long. ”

 “How can evil target you when all you wanted was to be honest and sincere. Continue to trust in your mission of Peace and Justice. You don’t know what the future will bring you, but keep believing in the good because that is your destiny.”

Stop Asian hate, racism is rooted in imperialism


Migrante Netherlands, an organization of Filipinos in the Netherlands stand in solidarity with Asian Raisins and Pan Asian Collective and the global movement against racism and all forms of discrimination and exploitation.

Housing Action Day 2021


Shelter is a basic right.

Migrante Netherlands stands in solidarity with housing movements in over 60 cities across Europe during the South Holland DSC Rentvolution demonstration on 27 March Housing Action Day 2021 held in Den Haag. The call is for the European Parliament to develop policies and act to regulate housing rent, make unused & empty houses available to the homeless and ensure that all citizens have an access to a safe and healthy home.

Watch the demonstration snippet here.

Hands Off Otto! Stop Deportatie van Otto de Vries en Laster tegen EILER

Otto de Vries is a Dutch missionary to the Philippines where he has been serving in poor communities and labor rights’ research since 1991. Recently, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration revoked his permanent residency status and was ordered for deportation. This order is based on false reports and accusations that he is working with a terrorist organization. The report refers to the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER) where he renders volunteer research work.

Migrante Netherlands condemn the Philippine government’s blatant attack on the rights of Otto de Vries and the clear political persecution of labor rights defenders and institutions in the Philippines under the fascist dictatorship of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. Our demand: stop the deportation of Otto de Vries and the political persecution of EILER.

We invite you to join us in an online indignation rally and cultural solidarity action on 18 February 2021 via Zoom, Facebook and Youtube channels of Migrante Netherlands. Organized in cooperation with the Promotion of Church People’s Response – Europe and the Nederlands-Filippijnse Solidariteitsbeweging (Dutch-Filipino Solidarity Association).

You can read here about the testimony of Otto de Vries and the Press Statement of the Nederlands-Filippijnse Solidariteitsbeweging.

For inquiries, contact [email protected]

Pagpupugay para kay Kim Garcia, artista at anak ng bayan!


Pinakamataas na saludo ang handog ng Migrante Netherlands kay Kim Garcia: isang artista, anak ng bayan, kaibigan at kasama. Ang kanyang maiksi ngunit makabuluhang buhay ay mananatili sa alaala’t kasaysayan ng mamamayang Filipinong nakikibaka para sa demokrasya at kalayaan. Ito rin ay mananatili sa alaala’t kasaysayan ng anti-kapitalismo at anti-imperyalismong komunidad ng internasyunal na solidaridad sa Europa.

Si Kim ay isang punk, isang thrasher at isang skate master na namulat sa walang pakundangang kurapsyon, kawalan ng hustisya sa lipunang Filipino, pananatili ng pyudal na kaayusan, at pagkatali ng bansa sa imperyalistang Estados Unidos.

Si Kim ay isang pambihirang alagad ng sining. Naging bahagi siya ng progresibong organisasyon, Southern Tagalog Multimedia Production. Dito inalay niya ang kanyang talento sa sining biswal, potograpiya, pagsusulat at paglikha ng mga pelikulang nagbibigay-boses at pag-asa para sa mga mahirap at aping sektor sa lipunan.

Si Kim ay isang aktibista at bibong anak ng baranggay Migrante sa Netherlands. Sa kanyang pananahanan sa Netherlands upang makasama ang kanyang ina, ipinagpatuloy niya ang kanyang aktibong paglahok sa panlipunang pagbabago at pagtamo ng matagalang proseso ng demokrasya at kapayapaan sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng kanyang pagsapi sa progresibong grupong pangkabataan, ang Anakbayan Europa at ng pangkulturang organisasyon, ang Linangan Culture and Arts Network – Willem Geertman Brigade.

Kahit sa panahong nakikibuno at nanghihina na laban sa kanser, masigla siyang tumulong sa mga administratibo at teknikal na mga gawain para sa alyansa ng mga nakikibakang mamamayan sa buong mundo, ang International League of Peoples’ Struggle.

Si Kim ay isang rebolusyunaryo. Paborito niyang tambayan ang tanggapan ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines na nakabase sa Utrecht. Isa siyang maaasahang taguyod sa mga gawain, talakayan, programa, pulong at salu-salo. Siya rin ay dalisay na naglingkod para sa mga personal na pangngailangan ng mga kapi-kapitagang lider ng pakikibaka at rebolusyong Filipino gaya nina Prop. Jose Ma. Sison, Juliet de Lima, Luis Jalandoni, Coni Ledesma at kay Fidel Agcaoili, ang yumaong tagapangulo ng usapang pangkapayapaan sa pagitan ng pamahalaan ng Pilipinas at ng NDFP.

Si Kim ay isang tunay na anak ng bayan. Hanggang sa kanyang huling mga linggo kung kailan siya ay nanghihina na sa dinadalang sakit, iniisip niya pa rin ang kanyang mga tungkulin bilang aktibista para sa minamahal na bayang Pilipinas.

Lubos ang pakikiramay at dalamhati ng Migrante Netherlands sa naiwang asawa at pamilya ni Kim.

Habang buong lakas naming maipagmamayabang at maisigaw sa mga kaaway ng bayan at sa mga umaabuso sa mamamayan: maraming Kim sa lipunang Filipino! Sila’y nakikibaka, sila’y nakikilahok at sila’y nakikidigma. Sila ang mga artista, sila ang mga kabataan at sila ang mga kababaihang hindi nagbubulagbulagan sa matagalan nang sakit ng lipunan. Bagkus, sila ay naglingkod sa sambayanan habang may buhay.

At sila ang mga migranteng Filipino. Sa bawat pamilya ng 12 milyong Filipino sa ibayong dagat, may isinisilang na Kim hangga’t nananatili ang kanser ng walang pakundangang kurapsyon at kawalan ng hustisya sa lipunang Filipino; ang pananatili ng pyudal na kaayusan at ang aliping pagkatali ng Pilipinas sa imperyalistang Estados Unidos na siyang ugat ng pang-aapi, kahirapan at pagpaslang sa karamihan ng mamamayang Filipino.

Mapulang pagpupugay at mapayapang paglalakbay Kim: anak ng bayan, kaibigan at kasama.

Migrante Netherlands offers the highest salute to Kim Garcia: an artist, daughter of the motherland, friend and comrade. Her brief but meaningful life will forever be cherished in the memory and history of the Filipino people’s struggle for democracy and liberation as well as of the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist international solidarity community in Europe.

Kim is a punk, a thrasher and a skate master who did not play blind to the ruthless corruption and injustices in Filipino society; the dominance of a feudal order, and the country’s slave ties to the imperialist United States.

Kim is an artist who offered her talent for the people’s cause. She became part of the progressive organization, Southern Tagalog Multimedia Production. Here, she dedicated her capacity in visual arts, photography, writing and creating films that give voice and hope to the poor and oppressed sectors in society.

Kim is an activist and daughter of Migrante Filipino migrant communities in the Netherlands. During her stay in the Netherlands to be with her mother, she continued her active participation for social change and for achieving the long-term process of democracy and peace in the Philippines through her volunteer work and dedication to Filipino youth organization Anakbayan Europe and Linangan Culture and Arts Network – Willem Geertman Brigade.

Despite struggling with cancer, she even offered arduous help in administrative and technical tasks for the International League of Peoples’ Struggle.

Kim is a revolutionary. She liked to hangout in the office of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) based in Utrecht. Here, she was a reliable hand in the mounting of events, educational discussions, meetings and get-togethers. She also sincerely assisted to the personal needs of respected leaders of the Filipino struggle and revolution such as Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, Juliet de Lima, Luis Jalandoni, Coni Ledesma and Fidel Agcaoili, the late chief of the peace talk panel between the government of the Philippines and the NDFP.

Kim is a real daughter of the motherland. Until her last weeks when she was already very weak due to illness, she kept on thinking about what else she can do for beloved Philippines as an activist.

Migrante Netherlands sends its deepest sympathy to Kim’s bereaved husband and family.

Kim may unfortunately have left us at too young age but we are proud to shout at the enemies of the people and to those who abuse the poor: there are many Kims in Filipino society. They are in the struggle, they participate, and they fight. They are the artists, the youth and the women who have opened their eyes to the illness of society and who are willing to serve the people until the end.

And they are the Filipino migrants. For every family of the 12 million Filipinos overseas, a Kim is born as long as the cancer of ruthless corruption and injustices in Filipino society; the dominance of feudal order and the country’s slave ties to the imperialist United States exist to oppress, retain poverty and kill the majority of the Filipino people.

To Kim: our dear daughter, friend and comrade – red salute and have a peaceful journey!

Tribute to Migrant’s Organizer Manuel “Ka Manny” Sarmiento


For a life of more than 40 years of genuine commitment for Filipino people’s struggle for democracy, freedom, peace and justice, rest in power Manuel “Ka Manny” Sarmiento!

Migrante Europe, a Europe-wide alliance of Filipinos in Europe pays tribute to Ka Manny, founding organizer of Austrian Society for Integrity and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST) and Migrante Austria Filipino migrants organizations.

He was also a former union leader of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Workers’ Movement), Nestle Philippines and National Federation of Union in Food and Allied Industries.

Watch the video here.

Filipino Patriotic Alliance Launched in Europe


Migrante Netherlands is proud to be part of the launch of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) in Europe or BAYAN Europe.

In our effort to promote the national democratic rights of Filipinos and the international solidarity for the Filipino people’s struggle, we continue to serve the people. We continue to defend the defenders. We continue to side with the oppressed and the exploited. We continue to remain stronger together. Despite systematic attacks, despite the crackdown on activism, human rights and democracy: peace, justice and freedom will reign in the end because of a united people’s will.

Who are Better in Planting?


Planting bulletsin the suitcases
of overseas workers and their families
Planting guns and grenades
in activists’ homes
Planting fake evidence
against pro-people lawyers and leaders
Planting fake news about the goodness
of the president and his trolls
The military and police are good at that
according to the president.

Perhaps the president and his minions do not know:
Oppressed workers and farmers are better
at planting seeds of hope and deliverance.

Fight for justice and peace in the Philippines!
Release the HR Day 7!
Release all political prisoners!
Junk Anti-Terror Law PH

Andres Bonifacio lives!


his life, struggle and relevance to present-day challenges

Migrante Netherlands Utrecht and Stichting Linangan invite you to a webinar on Saturday, November 28 via Zoom:
PDT 8:00AM
CET 17:00
Philippine Time 12:00AM (Sunday November 29)

November 30 is the day of birth of Filipino hero Andres Bonifacio. On this day, we commemorate his heroism as one of the notable Filipinos who have struggled for the liberation of the Filipino people from the colonial rule of Spain. His unparalleled love for the motherland is a value each Filipino should aspire to imbibe.

Filipinos abroad who are submerged in a different culture oftentimes have a difficult time seeing themselves in the face of the everyday realities back home. Thus, it is very important to remind ourselves of our history and be well-versed on the different issues affecting Filipinos everyday.