Aims and Objectives

Migrante Europe has the following aims and objectives :

  1. Promote migrants’ and refugees’ rights against all forms of discrimination, exploitation in the workplace and in the community and resist all anti-migrant policies.
  2. Assert the right to organise through sharing expertise, best practices, knowledge and skills of migrants’ organising in the region.
  3. Serve as a regional campaign center that plans to address regional issues of migrants and refugees, notwithstanding the support and solidarity with local issues in host countries.
  4. Serve as a regional campaign center to address major Philippine issues, especially those directly affecting Filipino migrants and refugees in Europe and their families in the homefront.
  5. Strengthen unity among overseas Filipinos and rally their families and advocates towards upholding of migrant and refugee rights.
  6. Push for the building of a self-reliant economy in the Philippines in order to stop forced migration, promote social equity and justice and unite with other sectors of the society for the advancement of national development and democracy.