Migrante-Europe Second Congress: A Manifestation of Continuous Commitment


Como, Italy – Migrante-Europe held a fun-filled but full of militancy its 2nd congress on 8 December 2019 in Como, Italy. With the theme “ Expand and strengthen our unity! Promote and defend the rights and welfare of Filipinos and their families in Europe and abroad! Contribute and participate in the struggle for national freedom and democracy!”  The congress was attended by more than one hundred participants representing 28 Filipino organizations coming from various countries in Europe.

Fr Herbert Fadriquela Jr, the incumbent Chairperson of Migrante-Europe opened the congress with a roll call of member organizations as well as welcoming new member organizations. The occasion was also graced with the presence of  Bishop Antonio Ablon of the Iglesia Filipina Independent (IFI) of the Diocese of Pagadian City, Philippines and Don Giusto Della Valle, Rector of the Parrocchia San Martino di Rebbio, Como. Both clergy gave very challenging and inspiring messages to the participants.

“Migrants, migrant workers and refugees of all kinds are all part of diaspora — the exodus or mass relocation of peoples due to societal or/and natural causes. The individual who migrated autonomously is still part of a phenomenon of mass displacement. Whether the displacement is apparently voluntary or involuntary through commercial recruiters (such as manning agencies, placement services, and other private trafficking businesses and ‘official trafficking policies’). Conflicts and natural calamities are sudden events that produce refugees on a mass scale. But societal or/and natural conditions can also be slow-evolving, resulting involuntary migration of individuals. All of this result in a diaspora – displacement and the creation of a mass of peoples or communities of the displaced. The worsening economic, environmental and human rights crisis in the Philippines continues to drive 7,000 Filipinos out of the country every day;” stressed Bishop Ablon.

San Martino Parochial Priest Don Giusto Della Valle

San Martino Parochial Priest Don Giusto Della Valle, shared the works of his parish helping undocumented migrants as well as refugees. He also shared his reflections on how human lives are becoming hostages to the ever-changing political landscape in Italy. 

The Congress elected the officers that will compose the Executive Committee of the alliance in the next three years, namely: Fr. Herbert Fadriquela Jr. of Bayanihan Leicestershire in United Kingdom as Chairperson; Ann Brusola  of Gabriela-Rome as Vice-Chairperson for Internal Affairs; Evangeline Irabon of Migrante-Como as Vice-Chairperson for External Affairs; Marlon Lacsamana of Migrante-The Hague, Netherlands as Secretary General; Rhodney Pasion of Migrante-Bologna as Deputy Secretary General;  Kendy Sario, of Ugnayan ng mga Pilipino sa Belgium as Treasurer; and Elnora Held of Gabriela-Germany as Auditor,

The congress also approved the General Program of Action (GPOA) for 2020-2023 and the Constitution and By-Laws of Migrante-Europe. 


Marlon T. Lacsamana
Secretary General, Migrante Europe
[email protected]

Revd Fr. Herbert F. Fadriquela Jr.
Chairperson, Migrante Europe
[email protected]


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