Labor Rights Seminar for Migrant Workers in France


October 28, 2017: A Labor Rights Seminar was initiated by Nagkakaisang Pilipino sa Pransya or NPSP together with Pangasinense in Paris held at 85 Rue Charlot, Paris, France.

The program has two parts. First is the talks about the rights of undocumented workers in case of arrest, the basic rights of both documented and undocumented workers at their work and the basic rules to get the residence permit. The second part of the program is the sharing of concrete conditions of migrants in their work place and entertaining of questions of the attendees.

NPSP would like to thank every Filipino migrants who gave time to be part of the discussion. We continue to call on our fellow migrants to know and study our basic rights so together we can assert for it, uplift and empower our community.

The NPSP would also like to thank all our French comrades from CGT for giving as a free space to conduct our activities and the collectives of the struggles of the undocumented workers for facilitating the discussion.


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