Many thanks for your support, Call for solidarity to fight the virus is still running


The call for solidarity has already raised € 2,850. Touchingly beautiful! Many thanks to the generous donors. If other people wonder if it is still possible to donate – yes, it is still possible. Every support is urgently needed!

Nederlands-Filippijnse Solidariteitsbeweging

We do this work from the Dutch-Philippine Solidarity Movement to care for each other and care for the people in the Philippines. People all over the world are affected by the corona crisis. Also, or rather now, people in developing countries deserve our attention and we focus on the Philippines. Reports reach us: If the virus doesn’t kill us, then hunger and poverty will.

Most developing countries are currently only at the beginning of the epidemic and do not have a high-quality health care system, good water pipes or a stable food supply. The national governments in those countries will undoubtedly release emergency aid budgets, but will they end up with the people living at the bottom of society?

Our appeal is to support Direct, a division of CDRC (disaster relief) in the south of the Philippines. Immediately has a good track record in helping people affected by earthquakes and typhoons and they have a program of clean drinking water and food security in the interior. In this crisis, the focus is on corona prevention and on the immediate needs of people. People are under house arrest and many are out of work, so no income and no food.

If others want to make a donation, you can do so on NL76INGB0008118425 in the name of. NFS, stating “Reduce virus”

The following articles show that emergency aid budgets do not (yet) end up with people who live at the bottom of society:

The promised food and money aid finally came the day after the violence broke out


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