PAARALANG MIGRANTE: Webinar on Defending the Defenders of Human Rights in the Philippines


Filipina lawyer Czarina Musni is in the Netherlands as a fellow of the Shelter City for Human Rights Defenders. She will share in the webinar her work with the Union of People’s Lawyers in Mindanao and how the lives of human rights defenders in the Philippines are always at risk.

In June this year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights presented its report on grave rights abuses in the Philippines under the leadership of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

The report finds that national policies on illegal drugs, national security and countering terrorism under the Duterte regime has resulted in “systematic human rights violations, including killings and arbitrary detention, persistent impunity and the vilification of dissent”. “Widespread and systematic” extrajudicial killings, has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths including the urban poor people, human rights defenders, farmers, community organizers, activists, civil society groups and media outlets.

In response to the resolution, the European Union has, in September, threatened “to revoke its trade preferences to the Philippines because of “the seriousness of the human rights violations” committed by the Duterte administration. This is in reference to the EU GSP+ incentive.

The webinar will be conducted on November 20, 2020 at 20:00 – 22:00 (CET) via Zoom. To join via Zoom, please register here:

Paaralang Migrante (Academy for Filipino Migrants) is an initiative of Migrante Netherlands Den Haag in its effort to raise awareness and promote the rights and welfare of migrants. The school also offers free online Dutch lesson. To join the next session, please do the Intake here:

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