Urgently investigate alleged LP-backed electoral fraud – Migrante


Urgently investigate alleged LP-backed electoral fraud – Migrante

Urgently investigate alleged LP-backed electoral fraud – Migrante

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos Migrante International today called for an urgent investigation of serious of electoral fraud allegedly operated by the Liberal Party.

The migrant group made the call as three whistleblowers recently came out as witnesses of vote-shaving in the transmission of votes of some candidates in certain provinces to allegedly pad votes of certain LP candidates.

According to Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson, following earlier reports of anomalies and inconsistencies between the transparency server and Comelec-canvassed results, the ‘Comeleaks’, reports of ‘abandoned’ SD cards and the lack of a mechanism to verify whether the vote counting machines (VCMs) have accurately read, recorded and transmitted votes, the allegations of the whistle-blowers should be taken seriously.

“It can be quite possible that certain candidates have garnered more votes than were canvassed to increase the votes of those who would stand to benefit from vote-padding. We support all calls for an official electoral protest to be filed before the Electoral Tribunal at the Supreme Court. Our electoral system has always been and remains very vulnerable to fraud. Any and all allegations should not be dismissed just because candidates have already been proclaimed,” said Martinez.

Martinez added that should the whistleblowers present sufficient evidence of fraud that benefitted some LP candidates, its main operators should be immediately investigated, and no less than Pres. Aquino should be made to explain.

“So long as the Philippine electoral system remains influenced and manipulated by the ruling elite, our elections can never be truly reflective of the true will of the people. That is not real democracy. No amount of automation can correct this, especially if the automated elections has lacked necessary safeguards and suffers from lack of transparency.” ###


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