Andres Bonifacio lives!


his life, struggle and relevance to present-day challenges

Migrante Netherlands Utrecht and Stichting Linangan invite you to a webinar on Saturday, November 28 via Zoom:
PDT 8:00AM
CET 17:00
Philippine Time 12:00AM (Sunday November 29)

November 30 is the day of birth of Filipino hero Andres Bonifacio. On this day, we commemorate his heroism as one of the notable Filipinos who have struggled for the liberation of the Filipino people from the colonial rule of Spain. His unparalleled love for the motherland is a value each Filipino should aspire to imbibe.

Filipinos abroad who are submerged in a different culture oftentimes have a difficult time seeing themselves in the face of the everyday realities back home. Thus, it is very important to remind ourselves of our history and be well-versed on the different issues affecting Filipinos everyday.


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