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Sept. 21 Global Day of Action Against Fascism in the Philippines


Migrante Netherlands joins its allied Migrante chapters, peoples’ organizations and other peace and democracy-loving compatriots in staging today’s Global Day of Action Against Facism in the Philippines.

This action is to remind the public about the historical truth about the Marcos dictatorship.

We oppose the comeback of the Marcoses into politics. We will expose the lies and deceit about the roles and the benefits that they reaped during the dictatorship.We also reject current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has fashioned himself in the same mould as the fascist Marcos, seeking to perpetuate himself in power to avoid future persecution for plunder and crimes against humanity; using the Philippine Army and Police to to silence critics and opposition, including legitimate activists, media and progressive individuals; and appointing many retired military and police officials to key cabinet positions. The Philippines is now under a de facto military rule, with Duterte sitting at the helm.  

With elections coming up next year, the family and cronies of the dictator Marcos are seeking to return to political power. The Marcoses are using all their resources to cleanse their public image by using public relation gimmicks to spread their false narrative. They have also found a friend/ally/patron in Duterte. He has allowed the burial of the dictator Marcos remains in the Heroes’ Cemetery, granted political favors Marcos cronies, and openly refers to the late dictator as a ‘great leader’ to ensure some of the Marcos’ wealth will find its way into his vice presidential campaign fund.

Duterte has announced that he will run for Vice President, even saying that it will grant him immunity from any suit, including the ICC case. He has now retracted his anti-Visiting Forces Agreement posture against the United States to ensure the continuing support of his American imperial master in the following election.  We remind the public not to believe his promises. Duterte failed to deliver his campaign promises when he first ran for public office in 2016. 

His promises include include personally riding a jetski to the West Philippine Sea to confront China, eradicating drugs and criminality. ending corruption in government, higher wages, and affordable food for all Filipinos. In fact, the problems that he promised to solve has become much worse.

He has practically conceded to China on the West Philippine Sea issue thereby surrendering our country’s sovereignty. As a reward, China has granted the Duterte administration onerous high-interest loans and a donation of China-made Sinovac vaccine. He has also allowed the entry of Chinese investments in Philippine Offshore Gambling Operations (POGO) and the entry of an estimated 150,000 Chinese POGO workers into the country.

Recent news reports indicate that this influx has also created exclusive Chinese rest-and-recreation business such as restaurants, massage parlors, illegal brothels, and even a gun shooting range.Criminal drug syndicates boast of their connections in government by posting selfies on social media with their ‘padrinos’ in govenment. Drug lords such as Wu Tuan, Jameson Ching, Peter Lim, and Herbert Colangco, who are protected by high-ranking police officials. No high value drug dealers have been arrested and imprisoned. His so-called War on Drugs has already caused the death of more than 30,000. Most of the victims are small time users and petty runners of pushers have become tokhang victims. 

Corruption has flourished in most govenment offices at all levels. And finally, many poor Filipinos have become poorer especially when the pandemic hit because of the loss of livelihood resulting from the lockdown and ineffective measures to deal with the pandemic.

We call on all kababayans, all peace and freedom loving Filipinos to stay vigilant and reject the  Duterte, the Marcoses, and their cohorts and cronies this coming electoral exercise. We have to unite to ensure that these criminals masquerading as politicians do not get away with all the crimes that they have commited against the people, and crimes that they are responsible for. 

Truth must prevail and justice must be served!


Paaralang Migrante Webinar: Diktadurya sa Pilipinas noon at ngayon


Ika-23 Setyembre 1972, idineklara ni Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos ang batas militar sa Pilipinas.
Ipinasara ang mga pahayagan, radyo at telebisyon. Libo-libong mamamayan ang hinuli, tinortyur, nawala at pinaslang.

Ika-23 ng Mayo 2017, idineklara ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang batas militar sa Mindanao.
Binomba ang mga paaralang Lumad, winasak ang buong pamayanan sa Marawi, marami ang hinuli, tinortyur at nagpapatuloy ang pamamaslang di lamang sa Mindanao kundi sa buong bansa. Ipinasara ang ABS-CBN habang ang mga manunulat gaya ni Maria Reesa at mga abogado gaya ni Benjamin Ramos ay pinapatahimik.

Itinaga nina Pang. Marcos at Pang. Duterte ang kanilang sarili sa buong mundo bilang sikat na diktadur.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng diktadurya?
Ano ang itinuturo sa atin ng ating kasaysayan ng pagbabago?

Dumalo sa ikatlong webinar ng Paaralang Migrante
Ika-18 ng Setyembre 2020
8:00 – 10:00 ng gabi
Sa Zoom

Ang webinar ay bahagi ng Paaralang Migrante, isang inisyatiba ng mga libreng kurso online handog ng Migrante Netherlands Den Haag. Tampok sa mga webinar ang mga serye ng pag-aaral tungkol sa mga isyung umaalburoto sa buhay ng mga Filipino. Kasama rin sa Paaralang Migrante ang unang pagsasanay para sa wikang Olandes.

Ikaw ba ay interesado? Magparehistro po lamang dito: http://bit.ly/PaaralangMigranteRegistration

School for Filipino Migrants Webinar 3: Dictatorship in the Philippines, then and now

On September 23, 1972, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines. Media outlets were closed such as papers, radio and televisions. Thousands of people were imprisoned, tortured, disappeared and killed.

On May 23, 2017, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao Southern Philippines. The community schools of Lumad indigenous peoples were bombed, the whole village of Marawi was burnt and thousands of people since then are imprisoned, tortured and killed not only in Mindanao but in the whole country. The huge media channel ABSCBN is closed while writers like Maria Reesa and lawyers like Benjamin Ramos are forced to silence.

Both Pres. Marcos and and Pres. Duterte have marked themselves as internationally renowned dictators.

What does dictatorship mean?
What does our history of struggle for change teach us?

Join Migrante in its webinar 3
September 3, 2020
8:00 – 10:00 PM
Via Zoom

This webinar is part of Migrant Filipinos Academy, a learning initiative of free online curses offered by Migrante Netherlands Den Haag. The webinars highlight issues and concerns related to migrants’ life.

The school also offers free Dutch lessons for Filipinos.

Interested? Register here: http://bit.ly/PaaralangMigranteRegistration