Migrante Netherlands is proud to be part of the launching of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) in Europe. In our effort to promote the national democratic rights of Filipinos and the international solidarity for the Filipino people's struggle, we continue to serve the people. We continue to defend the defenders. We continue to side with the oppressed and the exploited. We continue to remain stronger together.
Migrante Netherlands condemns the illegal arrest of 6 Filipino trade union organizers and a journalist on Human Rights Day.
We keep you warm, loved & cared for this winter! News from Migrante Netherlands Den Haag - Sagip Migrante (Saving Lives): medical and social assistance for undocumented migrants in coordination with Dokters van de Wereld (Doctors of the World) and Wereldhuis Den Haag (World House).
In this webinar, we talk about natural disasters in the Philippines and how its impact is aggravated due to man-made errors such as corruption, aggressive development and lack of political will.

Andres Bonifacio lives!

Webinar on Andres Bonifacio: his life, struggle and relevance to present-day challenges. Bnifacio's leadership to topple Spanish colonialism in the Philippines has led to the unity of the Filipino people as a nation and not as people from different islands of the archipelago.
Filipina lawyer Czarina Musni is in the Netherlands as a fellow of the Shelter City for Human Rights Defenders. She will share in the webinar her work with the Union of People's Lawyers in Mindanao and how...
Dear friends, Please help us raise donations for people in the Philippines affected by strong storms that hit the country in November. Thousands of people need help for food, drinkable water, medicine...
Webinar on access to healthcare and dental service especially for undocumented migrants. New measures, more info about Covid-19 safety and situation in the Philippines will also be discussed.
Migrante Netherlands Covid 19 Helpline for the Filipino community in the Netherlands.
Webinar on the rights of migrant women and children who experience violence at home and at work.